Following the invitation made two weeks ago by the Leader Newspaper, for the Mayor and his Councillors to visit the Orihuela Costa, Luisa Boné, in her first full day as Councillor for Beaches and Coastal Coordinator, was accompanied by Sofía Álvarez, Tourism, Transport and Foreign Residents,  as the pair walked through Cabo Roig with local coordinators John Critcher and Patsy Calvert.

John and Patsy explained that they were not conducting a blame session, they simply wanted to improve the cleanliness and sanitation around Cabo Roig and the Orihuela Costa, where tourists would once again arrive in numbers to take advantage of the wonderful facilities that the area has on offer.

The pair were able to point out many areas of concern, some involving cleanliness, waste disposal, the collection of rubbish and the hygiene around many of the locations in which the bins are positioned.

They also expressed their distress that in many other areas, all on the forecourts or terraces of local banks, restaurants and warehouses, there were a number of aspects of the infrastructure that had been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that they now presented a danger to the general public.

Mr Critchley highlighted the Iberdrola Electricity 3 phase junction box outside the Trinity Pub that had already been denounced by the Pub owner. He said that it was a major problem of health and Safety, and it had been for a couple of years. He suggested that it was only a matter of time before somebody was seriously injured.

Almost adjacent to this is an Hidraqua water meter and distribution point where the pavement has been broken and the pipework is displayed above ground. These, in addition to the graffiti, the broken fencing, steps, kerbstones and protruding drainage covers were all noted by the visiting delegation.

Cllr Álvarez explained that many of the problems occurred on private land and as such there was little that the council could do. She said that the newly formed Cabo Roig Association should approach the individual owners following which, if no progress was made, they should be denounced.

One thing that was agreed was the re-siting of the 4 green plastic bins on Calle del Mar.  Boné said that she would instruct the refuse company to take the necessary action. She added that the bins would be moved and their current site thoroughly cleaned out in the next day or two.

The Councillor then moved onto the coast itself where, along with colleague Modesto, she walked along the Paseo de Aguamarina. She said that plans would be put in place to ensure a regular clean which would include it’s hosing down along with the removal of litter and waste.

Although the councillors said they were unable to help with many of the problems raised they agreed that the visit had been worthwhile having clarified many questions, which will enable them to make better informed decisions in the future.


  1. The bins on Calle Santa Rita are a disgrace. They belong to El Rincon apartments but for some reason have been moved from their original position to a position right in front of La Calma apartments so the view is magnificent !! We was promised they would be moved…..still waiting!