The FAOC (Federation of Associations of the Orihuela Costa) has once again told the Orihuela mayor, Emilio Bascuñana that they have no confidence either his management or that of his government team in relation to their dealings with residents on the Orihuela Costa.

They say that despite all the promises at the beginning of his legislature there continues to be inadequate investment and the lack of a public services policy. The absence of both of these are still very much evident on the coast.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, they reminded the Mayor of the numerous motions approved in municipal plenary meetings, which are still pending implementation.

There has been absolutely no movement with the construction of a bridge over the AP7, the accident black spot leading along Calle Cabo Creus, from La Regia toward Lomas de Cabo Roig and the Fuente Commercial Centre, despite its development being assured (Plenary 29-10-15). 

An accident just waiting to happen
An accident just waiting to happen

Promises regarding improvements to the state of the parks and their future relationship with the Spanish Association of Public Parks (Plenary 26-11-15) remain unfulfilled, as do repairs and the upgrading of the road between La Zenia and Villamartín (Plenary 25-2-16);

There has likewise been no movement in relation to finding a solution to the problems surrounding the accumulation of rainwater in la calle El Carmen de La Zenia, which runs beachside of the N332 (Plenum of 29-9-15).

Other non-compliances, which are of no less importance include: the repair of the cliffs and the coastal walkway between Cabo Roig and Cala Capitan; The outstanding repairs and asphalting of many local roads and streets despite “repeated announcements of funding by the mayor and the coordinator of the coast”; The provision and repair of refuse containers in many areas, “promised by the Department of Road Cleaning, as well as the cleaning of containers in all areas, which is rarely carried out”; The designation of the beach of La Caleta (Cabo Roig) as a winter beach, “it is completely abandoned during the off-season months”; Improvements to the frequency and quality of urban cleaning and sanitation, “both of which remain inadequate  due to a lack of staff and equipment, and which, during the last summer, resulted in a serious lack of hygiene never before seen on the coast.”

Accumulation of rubbish is a regular sight on the Orihuela Costa
Accumulation of rubbish is a regular sight on the Orihuela Costa

The FAOC say that they find it difficult “to accept the current shortage of municipal budgetary resources for investments in the coast, particularly in view of the regular statements emanating from Orihuela relating to the receipt of subsidies from other organisations, like the Generalitat or the Delegation of Alicante”.

They also state that the IBI (Property tax), “is another disturbing issue for coastal residents, especially in view of the 20% increase that had to pay in 2016, especially following a period which have seen inflation and wage increases far below that figure.”

The FAOC statement also referred to, “the concern of many residents with regard to the high urban growth that is occurring on the Orihuela Costa, which will undoubtedly lead to an increase in demands and far more pressure being put on the infrastructure and services that are already struggling to cope. This problem is likely to become even more serious with the recent announcement of the construction of 1,500 homes in Cala Mosca, thus denying residents and visitors alike one of the few remaining and most beautiful natural landscapes on the Spanish Levante.

The constant unimportance attached to the area by the mayor and his councillors is now beginning to realise an increase in “social alarm” felt by the residents of the coast ” the result of which is a steady increase in the number of complaints being directed toward the FAOC, most of which question the ability of the current government to address and to solve the current problems “.

However a spokesman for the group said that following the severe damage caused recently to the beaches and some internal areas, as a result of the December rains, “the Oriolano executive has an excellent opportunity to restore some of the confidence of their coastal supporters by acting quickly with many of the outstanding and necessary repairs to their beaches and infrastructure.”