We started the week with a Waltzer (1-2-3) which was won by the team of Geoff Biggerstaff, Pete Dunn, Rod Doel and Dave Pulling with a score of 83 pts.

On Wednesday we played our normal weekly stableford competition and with the tees being well back the scores were significantly lower than normal with no one was able to beat par. The  best score coming from Lindsay Forbes with 35 pts. The top three in each Category were as follows:

Cat 1. 1st Lindsay Forbes 35 pts 2nd Alan Douglas 34 pts 3rd Olga Douglas 32 pts

Cat 2. 1st Yvonne Phipps 31 pts 2nd Geoff Biggerstaff 28 pts 3rd Rod Doel 26 pts

2’s Club: Alan Douglas, Terry Cullen, Ken Robertson, Lindsay Forbes and Terry Field

We had a superb Christmas lunch at Portico Mar on Thursday and the following day dressed in Christmas attire we played a Change Partners. There were three teams with 90 pts but the winners with 91 pts despite declaring a score of 92 pts were Reg Akehurst, Lindsay Forbes, Ken Robertson and ‘Albert’.

As I sign off from my reporting duties I would like to express my thanks to all those who have assisted me over the past three years especially our Secretary Dee Biggerstaff.

Mike Chapman