Mojácar Council has organized a fun contest for schoolchildren from the town’s Bartolomé Flores School, involving Christmas decorations made with recyclable materials. The contest’s aim is to promote recycling at home among the youngest members of the municipality.

The main idea is to take advantage of the children’s enthusiasm for Christmas to raise awareness about the care of the environment, reward creativity using only recyclable materials and, to make children realize that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make Christmas decorations.

A prize is planned for each class, based on the originality of the decoration and above all that they are made by the entrants, without the help from parents or older siblings.

Like all competitions, there are rules, among which are; the obligation to create the decorations out of recycled materials, to design the pieces in an original form and, to be signed by the maker. Infants and primary pupils may enter, provided that they deliver their decorations to their corresponding teachers by Tuesday, December 20.

The awards ceremony will be on Friday, December 23, after the school’s Christmas carol contest.

All the ornaments made by the young artists will be on show throughout the Christmas period at the Mojácar Centro de Usos Múltiples.