We met on a cold but sunny morning at Las Colinas course to compete for a trophy kindly sponsored by Barclay’s estate agency in la marina.

Unfortunately for some of us , buggies had to remain on the paths which on an undulating course meant much walking and climbing.

This resulted perhaps in the relatively low scoring , although outgoing captain Jimmy Scott defied the odds and took the trophy with an excellent 34 points ,also winning the silver medal.

The gold medal was won by the only other player to achieve the heady heights of over 29 points, John  Thompson with 30 points.

Nearest the pins were spread between just two players ,Iain Lyall and John Lywood with two each.

Iain went home very happy after also achieving the only 2 of the  day .

We were pleased to welcome 2 new members to the fold, namely Dave Williams and dave spence and wish them a happy association with the society.

Also congratulations to our new captain Elspeth Craig and we wish her a successful year.

Our first meeting in the New Year is at Bonalba on 5th January at 10 am when we will compete for the Royal Marines Trophy. The list is on the board or e-mail Alan Craig on a100ac@yahoo.co.uk.

Finally we wish all our sponsors , Helena, Paola and Nicky at the la marina club and our members a Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year.