I was recently contacted by a lovely man called Eamonn Lynch from Ireland who said he had attended an event held by Stevie Spit and Stevie had been telling him about the children at the home.   Eamonn said that he and his family would like to help and asked what sort of things the children needed.

I gave him a list of items to choose from and he said he would ask around his friends and see what he could do.   Imagine our delight and sheer amazement when a lorry arrived carrying a whole pallet laden with goodies for the children, including a huge selection of toiletries, washing powder, biscuits, pyjamas, slippers, hairbrushes and combs, hats, scarves and gloves and more.

The children were so excited to open all the boxes to see the wonderful gifts they had been sent and as always were overwhelmed by the generosity of people they have never even met.    We would like to thank Eamonn, his wife and son and their friends in Ireland for what has been a wonderful gesture of kindness this Christmas – and we look forward to meeting Eamonn and his family on their next visit to Spain to take them to visit the Home.