Mojácar Town Council has begun another year of free Spanish classes for foreign residents.

Under the initiative of María Luisa Pérez, the Councillor for the town’s Non-Spanish Speakers, free classes are offered to teach Spanish to all the residents of Mojácar from other countries, with no conditions other than being of legal age and registered on the Mojácar Padrón.

The hour long classes are given every Monday and Thursday evening in the Centro de Usos Múltiples. Two groups have been established, with the basic level scheduled from 17:30 h to 18:30 h followed by the intermediate / advanced level students from 18:30 h to 19:30 h.

Afterwards, the classroom remains available for an additional hour so that all those Spanish and foreign residents in the Municipality who request it, can go to a conversation exchange session. An ideal method, both to practice what they have just learned and, to improve each other’s language skills.

These classes proved to be a great success during the 2015-2016 academic year and for this new course, the demand has exceeded the number of places available. However, since there is a waiting list, it is still possible to enrol.

The students enrolled are mostly British, although there are also learners from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Morocco and South Africa.

Councillor María Luisa Pérez is very pleased with the students participation and the many positive comments that she gets not only for the initiative, but also for the good work of the teacher, Isabel Guevara.

The post of the Councillor for the town’s Non-Spanish Speakers was created a little more than a year ago and is, increasing its scope of action, day by day.

It is noteworthy that in Mojácar, out of a total of 6,838 inhabitants registered, 3,486 are foreigners and, many of them do not have an adequate level of Spanish to allow them to deal with everyday situations.

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