This man has been around for some time.  His tells you that he’s been burgled and needs to change all his locks which will cost €540 or similar. He has the €500 but can’t draw out any more so can he borrow the €40 until tomorrow. He gives a sob story about having to sleep in his car through fear, and says he knows the Community President and other local residents very well.

He also tells a tale to passers by about running out of fuel, and needing some cash.  Again some there are a number of people who have been conned into giving him money.

A source, who does not want to be named, met him recently while he was at a neighbours house plying his usual trade.  When challenged he gave a house number and said that he knew the Community President.  He then made an excuse and started to rapidly walk away.

The source thought that he matched the description of a man who had pulled this scam on another friend previously, so he took this photo of him and told him he was believed to be a ‘conman’. At this point he tried to cover his face and made an even quicker exit.

When interviewed, other community members who saw the photo said the man had been doing this kind of thing in the area for 3-4 years in the area, and that he is thought to be a German national. However, this remains to be confirmed.

So, please be on the lookout for this person and report any sightings to the Police.  Needless to say you should also take the usual precautions.

You have been warned!!!

By Martin Bentley