The Ophthalmology unit at the University Hospital in Torrevieja, led by Dr. Jose Isidro Belda, has carried out more than 250,000 consultations and 22,822 surgeries in the last decade

The department has also taken part in more than 20 clinical trials helping to discover new techniques and advances in treatments for diseases such as glaucoma, uveitis, keratitis and diseases of the optic nerve, as well as incorporating new treatments and techniques that will improve patient’s visual health

“The key to the success of the service that we provide is that we work as a large family. We have an extremely stable organisation and, from the very start the department is comprised of practically all the same people. This generates a very good relationship between the members of staff which improved the care we are able to provide to the patient, “says Department Head, Dr. José Belda.

We also work with the University of Alicante as we try to introduce procedures that will improve current systems as well as with the Department of Bioengineering, University Miguel Hernandez, on a number of different ophthalmic projects.