Spiritual healing is the oldest type of healing known to man and has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. It has been neglected in the Western world but more people are now starting to recognise the benefits and are using it either on themselves or going to see healers.

Spiritual healing is a two way process and the person receiving the healing needs to take responsibility for wanting to get better. When you carry out healing on someone (or an animal) you are in effect acting like a radio transmitter as you bring the healing energy into your body and send it out via your hands into the body of the person receiving it. You are acting as a channel. Where does the healing energy come from? I don’t think anyone really knows the definitive answer but it is there and ready to be used.

How does it work?

Physical illness is as a result of what is going on in someone’s mind. The wonderful thing about spiritual healing is that it works on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All these levels interact and often the real cause of an illness becomes apparent only as the healing progresses.

The seven Chakras

Our bodies contain energy wheels commonly known as Chakras. We have over 20 in total but most people focus on the seven major ones. Each chakra relates to and vitalizes a different physical part of the body and has different emotional, mental and spiritual functions. .

When we talk about people being “balanced” this means their chakras are balanced.  If a chakra is closed or too open it can affect the person’s physical body and their emotions in a variety of ways depending on which chakra it is. The aim of spiritual healing is to balance these energy wheels so that energy flows through them and they function efficiently. When the energy is not flowing we talk about the chakra as being “blocked”

Most healers can assess how your chakras are working in a variety of ways and can help “remove” any energy blockages by sending healing energy into the chakra.

The Aura

Healing also works on our aura – our auras are made up of seven invisible and overlapping layers of energy that we have around our body. Each layer is fed by one of the seven chakras and has its own function. The aura is said to extend about 3 feet around the body and contains all the behaviour patterns, emotions and trauma that we have experienced in this life and in past lives. By intuitively sensing where any negative areas or disturbances are, some healers believe they can help people deal with past traumas.

Distance/Absent Healing

This is a form of spiritual healing that can work over a distance – the healer doesn’t need to be with the person (or animal) or even in the same country! I know from my own experience that this is just as powerful and effective as hands-on healing. The wonderful thing about this type of healing is that you are not restricted by time or space! Distance/absent healing has been likened to people saying prayers; whatever the similarity, the results are very beneficial.

Sending healing to someone you know

Below is a simple exercise you can try for yourself if you would like to send healing energy to someone. A point to remember is that ideally the person you want to send healing to should be asked if they are willing to receive it. If this is not possible you can still send healing and just ask that it is “for the person’s highest good”.

  • Focus on your heart chakra (in the centre of your chest) and think about that person with love or compassion, if you can visualise them even better *
  • Imagine a pink light encircling them with healing energy
  • Send love and healing from your heart into that pink light
  • After several minutes let the scene slowly fade

* Don’t worry if you find it hard to visualise, it becomes easier with practice. It is perfectly acceptable to say words if you can’t see images in your mind – energy follows thought and working with energy is very much about the intention. 

Penny is a qualified Diana Cooper Angel & Spiritual Master Teacher, Usui /Angelic Reiki Master Teacher & holistic therapist. If you would like any information on her Spiritual workshops or teacher training courses, please contact her on tel: +34 680 25 6266 or email via her website: www.pennywing.com.