Reading your article, Re Improvements to the Sewage System in Orihuela City, I felt I had to respond.

We in Orihuela Costa, residents and Holiday makers, are forced to BREATH in RAW SEWAGE daily, I refer to what I call the La Zenia Pong. This hasn’t happened overnight, but has been ongoing for several years.

I feel this is due to the inadequate infrastructure of the very old sewage pipping, that is being grossly overloaded, especially with the ongoing building work, adding more and more dwellings to this inadequate system.

How dare Orihuela City keep passing building application to the extent they have, when thousands of dwellings haven’t even been sold? Without consultation with parties from Orihuela Costa.

The infrastructure for the whole area is suffering, with the roads having potholes that do not get repaired, filthy rubbish areas, neglagable street cleaning, without a decent but service, and no rail link,and the N332 in constant trouble through various reasons, and No Ambulance service after

8 P.M. Just when there are hundreds of people flocking into the La Zenia Boulevard, what would happen if there was a serious problem there?

Isn’t it time the the residents of Orihuela Costa, said NO MORE

shouldn’t we be governed equally to the City of Orihuela, or are we just a  cash cow for them.

Isn’t it time to say to Orihuela City lets be self governing and have our own independence as Pilar did some years ago. Or even be governed by

San Miguel, or Torrevieja. I am sure they would treat us better! All this seems perfectly feasible.


A resident in Orihula Costa for at least 10 years.