Our open day will be held next Saturday 30 July, which coincidentally is National Friendship Day. It will take place from 5-9pm.

You are most welcome to come along and join us for a drink and a bite to eat with all proceeds being used in support of the animals that we care for helping us to purchase food, hay, water, carry out maintenance and repairs as well of course as paying for our veterinary bills.

Our recent auction on Facebook and Ebay was a great success allowing us to fund the treatment of a number of feral cats in and around Play Flamenca. They have now been moved to the Finca where they will be cared for as they live out their days in relative security. 12119008_10153730751238454_3173182794305597914_n

We are hoping to use some of the income raised from the open day to make a separate area for the 4 geese that we now also care and hopefully by next Saturday we will also be able to show visitors the new stable for Alma Blanca which is nearing completion.

Anything we raise during the open day will, of course be most welcome, but if you are unable to help with money you could make an equally important contribution by bringing along food for the animals such as carrots, apples, lettuce, cat biscuits, dog food (big tins from Aldi). Every contribution counts, no matter how large or small.

You can become a food sponsor from just 5 euro a month for a Goat, Dog, Pig, Goose, or 10 euro per month for a Pony or a Horse. Long term sponsors are very welcome or you can simply become a member of our organisation for 10 euro a year.  Simply make your payment to our bank,

IBAN ES80 0075 1055 4806 0035 0496 or Paypal happyanimalesspanien@gmail.com

Happyanimalesspanien, which was founded by Mona Nowak Fassbender, is a charity which supports the animals at Finca San Miguel de Salinas (Villamartin) and also tries to help to find homes, or a better life, for dogs and cats in need. FB_IMG_1468576561324

Thanks also to all our volunteers, sponsors and organizers, without which our work would be impossible!!

For more information or to become a member see our FB group fincasanmigueldesalinas, www.happyanimalesspanien.com or nicosolm@hotmail.com

Following on from the Open Day we will be organising our Annual Summer Party on Saturday 27th of August.